Im Slow…Things Slow

I decided a few weeks ago to take a break from everything.  Web-design, remote support, and most anything that really bothered me (Work).

I supposed it worked because I no longer have all the shit that was on my mind when I decided to forget it all.  I am not trying to figure out what direction to go with my many varied tech interests.  Where to start and focus my efforts is the greater question.

For about another week I can think about this as right now I am in the middle of moving.  After that I should have the space and the internet I need to get something rolling.

While complex technology does not bother me or any advanced user a lot of my time is spent reinventing the configuration and customization wheel.  It gets really tasking sometimes.  Setting things up over and over again.  Things should be easier and more modular.  Simple commands, etc.

I can do anything on a system.  Its all about the learning curve though.  I can think up incredible ideas and do.  I just have a lot of them.  I need to narrow down this list and put some energy into a project/idea/etc.  Something big.  Something soon.  This project has to be for more then just myself.  I have done enough of those to hone my own skills.  I have done enough of those period.

So many new ideas and projects are alive on the internet and across the world.  So much is happening and sites/process have sprung up to enable people and organizations to successfully create new things.

On that same note it is sad that the same forces that are supposed to protect innovation are enabling companies like Apple to corner the market and stem innovation.  Instead of companies competing to make the newest and best tech they now have the power to hold back and wait till they make more then enough money off their products.

To the laymen the toys that they purchase are magic and incredible to people like you and me we know that they are just proprietary limited junk and could be 1000% better.  We spend a majority of our lives getting this shit that they build and sell to do what we want.  They fight us at every corner and every bridge.

The only people that will help us is us.  This is why social media and communication technologies are so empowering.  Facebook is crap.  It is made for the laymen user and designed to employ their time and generate profit.  It is insecure and built to collect information for advertisement and profiling.

The ‘cloud’ is crap.  Something like:  “lets put all our important private data on super computers which can crack our shit encryption”.  Bleh.  Past the buzzwords and sales ‘engineers’ is the truth.

The truth is that it is our job to build and design simple technologies that are secure and reliable.  Simple to build and customize.  Simple to realize and change with adaptable code that can run on anything and do anything.  Linux and open source software is the key and those of us that use it know this.

So many programming languages.  So many hacks built into one OS.  The most adaptable OS on the planet.  What is stopping its propagation on every desktop?  The software built for Windows and Mac.  Adobe, Office, Etc.  Money and patents changing our bright future into a dim pile of non sense.

It is not that we are lazy, its is not that we are not trying hard.  It is the external forces that influence everything we do.  When we group together  and build our own custom external forces we give ourselves and everyone around us new self guided direction.