HSL – 10.19.14 – WEEKLY UPDATE

Here is the weekly update from HackSphereLabs:

So i finally made the decision I needed to with source (one of my laptops).  It is a toughbook and I originally wanted to get another drive caddy for it, for a second hard drive that I wanted to swap out and put another OS on.  The drive caddys are $70, the recreated ones from china are 75…what a joke.  I still want to get one but instead I undertook the task of resizing my lvm in a luks container.  I did not back it up and just jumped in.  The result is here.  I was successful but at the end I thought I had messed up.  When issuing the command df -H it was showing a root partition bigger then the logical volume.  It ended up being that LVM and gdisk use powers of 1024 to represent drive space.  I really thought most software used powers of 1000, specifically in Linux.  I was wrong and a df -h showed me everything was fine.

I also built a easy vid.me/uRl scraper with python, selenium, and firefox.  The site has a decent amount of content from China and India.  Specifically tv shows and other crap.  Along with the normal stuff you would get from a site that allows NSFW content.  The one thing that bothered me was the fact that they had nothing truly interesting.  Nothing useful that I have never seen before.  Owell, I will have to look elsewhere.

Selenium is really cool, controls Firefox in a variety of ways and builds a new temp profile every run.

Now that I have the space cleared up I am going to get a copy of backtrack/kali installed and start messing with some of these peripherals I have laying around.  Pentesting time?  I really need to get some work done on Momentary but I have lost touch with the other group member.

Lets get back to the gym too and get back on some of this consulting stuff.  I want to have some cash for the move in another month.

I have to get N’s Scentsy website setup too.

I really want to start using the HD camera to make videos, I think I have to come up with some ideas.  Possibly link into the pentesting project?  Plus I have to make that job video.

I should publish that vid.me python deal too.  Added to ToDo.

I had a job interview with a company in Cali.  Made it all the way to the end, and then nothing.  From what I heard they did not hire anyone.  Whats the deal!  Cali would have been expensive and now I am looking forward to AZ.  I think the company in Cali did not want to pay what I wanted to work there.  They really had some pretty low salary expectations for Cali.  I think they want to appeal to the single male that has room mates or something.  They said I would get another interview for another position…but nothing.  Whatevs!

I have a lot going on at work right now and I need to focus on some of the IT stuff that needs to get done.  I have been working in excel for at least a week strait and it is driving my crazy!  I linked a bunch of documents together so I have to do less work in the future.  That raise is supposed to kick in by the end of the month.

My virtualization infrastructure at the house needs upgraded.  It is on Debian squeeze and I want to put the domUs on local drives instead of the network.  My network infrastructure is secure, but not fast between routed networks.  I had to reboot my main nas and virtualization server as two domu’s where frozen…there was a kernel panic in the logs…

I have ran out of space on my NAS and this is a problem.  I may have to get some drives to back stuff up to, start archiving to blueray, or expand the NAS.  I have two of them and the second is too small to accept the zfs send from the first for clone, so I have to do something  I could erase the second and use it but what would I have for backup?  Something does need to happen soon.  I am down to 140gb out of 6 terrabytes.  It would be nice to get 5 (1 as spare) 6 TB drives…but even then, how do I back that up.  I think I need a new backup plan.

I could keep both NAS units how they are and just get two 6TB drives and use those to export a clone of the data to.  I just may do that.  I do not think I have any more external sata ports though.  I will have to see if I could add one to each, if I have any more ports free. I could even use a vendor based device and hack it with openindiana to accept zfs sends…like a two or three bay nas device.  I could use USB, I will have to see if that will suck.

One of the NAS units use ECC while the other does not…I would like to get rid of the other that does not while also keeping the protection of the ECC on the one.  If I attach drives to clone to I could do both and use the ECCless NAS for things that are not critical.  I can then see if I can put ECC in it (I do not think it is supported with that motherboard).

There is just not that much mini hardware out there with ECC I think.  AppliedMicro makes something but it looks like they only have other vendors building products around there 64bit ecc process.  The only thing I see right now is the HP’s Moonshot with the m400 cartridge.  It looks to have ecc memory.  It looks to be a system board with no vga output, and can only be integrated into a Moonshot chassis.  The moonshot must have management in it.

I wonder if I could take one of those blade servers, power it, and put video to it.  The front of them take a funky connector/3 way adapter cable that takes the one connector on the front and turns it into vga, serial, and usb.  They call it a SUV cable.  Quote:  “Connect the SUV cable to the SUV port on the Server Blade. Access the blade using the serial port (RS232 port) on the SUV cable, which is the cable with 3 ports or serial, USB and VGA.”

The connector on the back of the blade looks like it handles IO and from what I have read briefly it looks like the IO is a bus that interfaces with a mezzanine ethernet card installed in the chasis which links with physical ports on the chases  (through some type of board) and the pcie bus on the blade board.  I still bet you may be able to make it work…if there is a digital interface between those three things, a chassis would be needed.

I could also fall back to the HP Proliant Microserver.  It looks like it may be the perfect solution really.  I would basically be building another nas but with less drives:




I looks like the cheapest one on ebay right now is 225…

It seems like any enterprise servers are going to be too big for my needs.  Even SAS 1U or 2U servers are pretty long and the system board is about the same length, so no way to make it smaller.

I also looked into some used spam filters/firewalls and a lot of them do not come with VGA ports and are just as much as the hp microserver.  Nothing really cheap on ebay.  Looking at the barracuda stuff, the 610 is the first one to come with ECC memory.  Not that I would use them as spam filters but the cheapest one is $300 on ebay, and if you do use it, you would need to purchase a license.  What a rip.

We have to start prepping for Arizona.  HSV to Marana is 1639.2 miles.  That is 318.73 in gas for the trailblazer and 286.86 for the equinox @ 3.50 a gallon.  That does not include costs to get to HSV.  That is just 605.59 dollars just for gas.  This is not including cost to move to HSV for a few weeks and the drop in cash.  The HSV lodging I think I can work out though at a min.  SAV to HSV is 411 miles so 80 dollars trailblazer and 72 dollars equinox.

We also have pet fees in AZ on apartments that we would have to deal with:  *$200.00 non-refundable pet fee / $200.00 refundable $25.00 pet rent (1) pet / $40.00 pet rent (2) pets *Breed restrictions apply

The money these people make off of us and they constantly push the limits.  In other places I have had companies a thousand less then what they usually offer.  They act like they are not making money off us!  I think I may have to use another company or find my own.  We need to start working on that.  Basecamp task added!

I saw a video of some WA cops speeding and getting spotted via air enforcement.  Just shows you how serious they really take the speed limit into account.  Not that I do not always respect limits, it is just they are always so slow to start off with.  55 on a highway?  55 on a down hill straightaway?  It gets complicated when other people really do not know how to drive.  Why should I go slower because other people suck?  Speedtraps?  Air enforcement?

Grr!  what a waste of time.  They keep talking about driverless cars like they are the best think to ever happen.  While they are nice, I still think, I would like to drive myself sometimes.  What about the feel of the road?

But it got me thinking about how much more restrictive speeding is going to be in the future.  Right now we have posted limits that most ignore and a lot of good cops only go after the true idiots.  But can you imagine when they start using UAV’s to really do this right and they are everywhere?  UAVs the destruction of freedom.  Air enforcement may be king someday.  How do you stop this?  Can it be stopped?

I think it will be like those absurd red light cameras.  Where they decrease the timing of the light to catch more people.  Or where they cause more accidents because people slam on the breaks and get rear ended.  Let darwin work man.  People should pay attention when they drive and problem solved.

Lucy was decent and we are catching up on the Walking Dead.  Also re watched the last 3 Harry Potters. N is watching sons of anarchy.


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